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Conventions for a PhD ?

Modus operandi

Conventions Industrielles de Formation par la REcherche

Cifre Conventions were created in 1981 and are administered by ANRT, the French Association for Technology & Research in agreement with the Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (Ministry for Higher Education and Research).

They unite three partners in a single research project :

a young PhD student

An Enterprise/a Company

a Research Laboratory

The student, who is employed by the Company on a three-year contract, splits his/her time between the enterprise and the laboratory, studying, researching and capitalizing work experience.

The Cifre grantee’s research leads to the defense of the PhD thesis.

For more details, visit the ANRT website.


Pierre-Guillaume Gourio-Jewell

2007-2010 "happy fellow slave" for a Cifre PhD,

University of Toulon/SNC Lab/DCNS

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