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PhD in Mathematics


"Modeling and Simulation of Submarine Devices Launching"

"Numerical simulation/Shock waves propagating into fluid(s) medium with moving boundary/Applied Mathemacics/Fluid mechanics/Modeling theory", Director Y.Lacroix, Co-Director D.Leandri, thesis/dissertation defended March, 2010, in front of the Jury composed of :


F. Desprez, Research Director, INRIA, ENS Lyon : Research in Computer Science, Jury chairman

S. Labbé, Professor, Université de Grenoble : Scientific Computation, Rapporteur

R. Pasquetti, Research Director, CNRS, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis: Fluids Mechanics, Rapporteur

Y. Lacroix, Professor, USTV, SNC Lab. Director : Mathematics, PhD Supervisor

D. Léandri, Professor, USTV, SNC Lab. co-Director : Mechanics, PhD co-Supervisor


PhD CIFRE fellowship [PGGJ-DCNS-SNC]
Keywords : Riemann problem, Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) Method, dynamic mesh, compressible multi-phasique flow, Fininite-volume method


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